Beyond all its rugged Wild. Florida Resort, to name a few. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a tour of the Chocolate Kingdom Factory. Have a wild time on a Safari Wilderness tour or hit up some of the.

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The following is the second in a three-part series on the premier safari camps in. likely see elephants ambling through the open-air lobby as they make a beeline, right past the gift shop and.

 · Wild Animal Safari is home to more than 550 animals on more than 500 acres of land in west Georgia. The park is just a short drive from Columbus, Ga., and only about an hour and a half from Atlanta, making it a fun day trip for the family.

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Wild Wilderness Drive-through Safari is a family travel destination in Gentry, Arkansas. The 400-acre safari is home to a variety of exotic animals. For these animals, we provide a natural environment with a beautiful Arkansas landscape and several large ponds. The safari consists of a 4-mile drive-through, petting parks, and walk-through

More in the series » To go where the wild things. place to see them: Florida Bay, the southern part of Everglades National Park Best time to see them: Winter, when they head to and hang out in.

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Wild Animal Safari features two different ways of seeing these exotic animals. The Serengeti Adventure is a 3-mile drive through section where you will have a chance not only to see, but also to feed and touch animals from around the world. Designed to embrace a natural open setting, the drive will bring you face to face with animals such as.

Wild Florida Drive Thru Safari Plans Posted on October 23, 2018 July 20, 2019 Since opening Wild Florida has evolved way past the simple airboat rides on Cypress Lake that the munns family originally envisioned. Cypress Lake covers 4,500-acres and is part of the headwaters for the world famous Florida Everglades.

Between Orlandp and Fort Lauder dale there is a LIon Country Safari Park. It was indeed a fabulous visit. It took you into the plains of Africa and the jungles of India.Drive through Safari and we.