· Maybe it was an investment project that you now have neither the time nor inclination to see through to the end. Or maybe it’s a less-then-pristine house you inherited and don’t want to pay taxes and insurance on. Whatever the case, you now have a fixer-upper on your hands that you need.

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If you’re like many people, you kind-of like the idea of buying a fixer-upper and living in it while you make improvements. But that’s not always the best choice. Here’s what you need to know. Thinking About Buying a Fixer-Upper? Before you dive in headfirst, think about these things: Not all flaws can be fixed; Sometimes fixing a house.

What You Need To Know When Buying a Fixer Upper Written by Jason Nelson on March 8, 2018. So, you’ve spotted your dream home. However, it’s slightly outdated and could use some improvements here and there.

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When considering a fixer-upper, it is important to know not just what you pay at closing, but the cost of renovations, too. Don’t Forego an Inspection If you are considering a fixer-upper, you might think you can save a little extra cash by declining a professional inspection during the due diligence period.

You’ll need higher credit scores to qualify for lower down payments. For example, if you’re buying a single-family fixer-upper, and you’re putting down less than 25%, you’ll need a 720 credit score or higher. If your down payment is at least 25%, your minimum credit score is 680.

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Before you buy, make sure you understand the true cost of a fixer-upper property in North Florida. In our latest post, we explore the expenses so you will know exactly what to prepare for. Fixer-upper properties are a huge draw for both novice and seasoned investors.