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Former Donkey Kong champ threatens to sue Guinness over record removal – Ars Technica. Mitchell presents video of his purported high score performances in Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. in. Mitchell now says he has never submitted scores to Twin Galaxies via tape and only uses live.

Wiebe finally gets his moment – the first ever Donkey Kong score over a million points – ruled out after Mitchell (ahem..) casts a shadow over Wiebe’s claim. To which Billy Mitchell then provides amateur video taped evidence of his own million point run, which arcade high score tracking company Twin Galaxies accepts instead.

Billy Mitchell's King of Kong Donkey Kong score is a fraud MAME game! The one and only Billy Mitchell – best known for claiming high-scores in arcade games like Donkey Kong and then being officially stripped of the records – is reportedly threatening to take legal.

 · It’s at around 25 minutes in.The twin galaxies judges tore into Wiebe’s arcade cabinet looking for any evidence that he might have been cheating after the high score video was submitted. They refused the score because the Donkey Kong board came from someone that Billy Mitchell had a.

 · by kevinrodenphotography Billy Mitchell , whose name was deleted from the Guinness World Records as ‘Donkey Kong’s world record was due to an emulator,’ submitted 156 pages of material and is the publisher of ‘Guinness World Records’ Guinness World Records and Gamer Platform Twin Galaxies have been informed that failure to reinstate records may result in legal action.

Controversial arcade game player Billy. Mitchell’s records on Twin Galaxies, an organisation that tracks video game records and high scores, have been scrubbed. These marks included a.

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 · There’s a new Donkey Kong king. After a review by Twin Galaxies, an organization that tracks world gaming records, gamer Billy Mitchell lost his high score for not only Donkey Kong.

The subject of "The King of Kong" has finally had his Donkey Kong high scores wiped from existence, and has been banned from future competition.. Twin Galaxies can no longer recognize Billy.

 · Twin Galaxies removes all of infamous gamer Billy Mitchell’s records Pac-Man and Donkey Kong master Billy Mitchell has built up quite the reputation for himself over the last few decades, both for his undeniable gaming skills and his abrasive and competitive personality.