South Florida Condo Market Report – April 2016 Posted by Michael Covert in Market Trends , News May, 10 2016 The South Florida condo market saw a slight bump in the number of closed sales in April with a 3.11% increase over the previous month.

We’ll get a very early sense of things before 8 p.m., but anyone who survived a 2016 campaign remembers how early trends. top five to watch: Idaho Issue 2, Montana Issue 185, Nebraska Issue 427,

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– Five Stars Mortgage Top five South Florida condo trends to watch for in 2016 Did you think the termite take-over in South Florida couldn’t get. "In the last five years there has been a 30% increase in Formosan and Asian termites in southeast Florida," says Rudolf Scheffrahn.

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Exclusive Q&A: Here Are the Top Hotel Trends to Watch in 2016. Bisnow sat down with renowned travel and hospitality expert, professor of NYU’s Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism Bjorn Hanson, to get the scoop on the hotels trends we can expect in 2016. 1. Hotel occupancy will be the highest in 30 years.

The South Florida condo market is matching up with larger trends tried by other real estate markets such as New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Most of the condos constructed in South Florida are still in planning stage of construction. 61% of the new condo towers fall into this category.

Because they are often well into their momentum cycle, it is necessary to watch them closely. As of December 31, 2016, it.

Orlando Real Estate Market Trends and Statistics 2019 But to lead in Georgia and in Florida, to lead in the former Jim Crow South, is powerful.” After trailing in the polls for much of the race, Gillum has picked up enough support to rank in the top.

Florida uses RealtyTrac to learn more about local foreclosure trends at RealtyTrac. Includes local state and local foreclosure market information and statistics.