If you owned property that was subject to a recourse debt in excess of the FMV of the property, the lender’s foreclosure or repossession of the property is treated as a sale or disposition of the property by you and may result in your realization of gain or loss.

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This is a liquidation procedure where an individual filing for bankruptcy is allowed to keep specific exempt properties like property mortgages. and these include taxes, child support, and student.

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Capital Gains and Losses - Taxes On Investment Property Sale (2019) Dischargeability of Personal Property Tax in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Bankruptcy statute 11 USC 524(a) prohibits the collection of debts that are discharged in a bankruptcy case. However, this does not apply to nondischargeable debts, which can be collected after a debtor receives a discharge, but not during a pending bankruptcy when the.

hoping lenders won’t ask questions as long as the payments stream in, he said. A buyer in this arrangement has little protection if the seller goes into bankruptcy or loses the property to foreclosure.

Looking at Mortgage Companies in Florida? Mistakes to Avoid – New Florida Mortgage Mortgage Executive Jailed for Failing to Remit Mortgage Payoffs – mortgage fraud blog Mortgage Fraud News: Preforeclosure Sales Abuse . Fannie Mae has become aware of a new variant of property flipping involving preforeclosure (short) sales. The trend we have observed involves a perpetrator who submits a short sale offer to purchase a preforeclosure property at a price less than the current indebtedness.Looking to buy a house? That’s great. For decades, there’s been a sustained southern migration to states like Florida, Arizona, and New Mexico, as people have "voted with their feet," Preston says,

Bankruptcy does not make these security interests go away. If you don’t make your payments on that debt, the creditor may be able to take and sell the home or the property, during or after the bankruptcy case. There are several ways that you can keep collateral or mortgaged property after you file bankruptcy.

B. The Differences Between Secured Property Taxes and priority property taxes. 1. Another area of some confusion when dealing with property taxes in a bankruptcy setting is whether the taxes should be treated as secured or priority and what this distinction can mean. In Indiana, real property taxes

Collection of fees after bankruptcy dismissal depends on the terms of the mortgage agreement and New york state law. bankruptcy courts keep jurisdiction to enforce their orders after dismissal. If a lender did not get a bankruptcy court to approve fees, it may not be able to collect fees when a Chapter 13 debtor’s case is dismissed.

Mortgages Resources Blog: 10/06/05 If you’ve thought about taking out a reverse mortgage, be aware that new rules that recently kicked in might make it harder for you to qualify. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.