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Underwater homeowners are contributing to this shortage, holding on to their homes instead of selling for a loss. Nationally, roughly one in seven homeowners with a mortgage (15.4 percent) have some equity in their home, but likely not enough to sell and comfortably use the proceeds for a down payment on another home.

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Five States Account for 31% of Underwater Mortgages. Five states – Nevada, Florida, Illinois, Arizona and Rhode Island – account for nearly a third of all properties with negative equity. As of the end of the fourth quarter, 10.8 percent of homes – or about 5.4 million properties – were underwater.

NEW YORK ( — Fewer people are underwater on their mortgages — further evidence that the real estate free-fall may be slowing. Just 21% of all single-family homeowners owe more on.

That’s because condominium mortgages are considered somewhat riskier loans than are mortgages for single-family homes. On a conventional mortgage backed by Fannie Mae, the rate on a condo will usually run about one-eighth to one-quarter of a percent (0.125-0.250 percentage points) higher than what you’d pay on a single family home.

Non-Citizen Guide To Florida Foreign National Mortgage – New Florida Mortgage VA Streamline Refinance with no FICO Requirement or Appraisal That’s the VA streamline loan, also known as the interest rate reduction refinancing loan. Best of all, it’s possible to get a VA streamline with no appraisal. VA loan holders used to be able to refinance their homes with VA streamline loans very easily. appraisals weren’t done and credit histories weren’t pulled.Some banks dropped out of the foreign national market entirely. 70% financing became the de facto rule for true foreign nationals. By 2008, some of the larger lenders required 40% to 50% down. There are exceptions to every rule. We still have access to 70% Foreign National mortgage loan financing.

Less Than 10 Percent of Homeowners Are Underwater on Their Mortgages When the housing crisis was at its lowest point, more than 30 percent of homeowners owed lenders more than the value of their homes – Almost 4.5 million American homeowners still owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth.

The good news is that severely underwater mortgages are declining; read on for more information about this positive economic news. 2013 treated homeowners well According to CNN Money, which reported on data from RealtyTrac, 19% of homeowners in the U.S. are "deeply underwater" on their home loans, down from 26% at this time last year.

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Fewer mortgages in trouble in Shasta County. There were fewer shasta county homeowners seriously underwater on their mortgages in 2016, a national real estate data base reported wednesday.